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Installation services can be arranged for customers who purchase the wallpapers from us . We can usually arrange installation within 2-5 days not including during peak season . 

Our wallpapers are among the finest in the market . It is made from high quality materials and is water resistant ,washable and the colour does not fade for a few years atleast unless exposed to direct sunlight in which due to UV Rays it can affect the wallpaper .

We recommend waterbased glue to ensure the wallpaper can be easily adjusted upon installation and when the time comes for the removal , it would not usually damage the walls and makes the wallpaper replacement a lot easier and cleaner.

We provide free moisture testing for your house once you have come to our showroom and consulted with us . The purpose for this is that if the wall has moisture then it would pose a problem for the waterbased wallpaper glue to dry thus ruining the wallpaper .To prevent this our team uses a moisture tested and is able to accurately assess the condition of the wall. If need to we can apply a solvent based primer to be applied onto the wall depending on the moisture situation.

We highly recommend moisture testing for the following conditions :
1) Walls that share the same wall surface interconnected to the bathroom

2) Houses/Units more than 5 years old

3) Walls has obvious patches or discolouration

  1. For walls that has imperfection that are i.e wavy ,uneven , has chipped paints and so on the installer will need to skim coat the walls to repair the imperfections .

Easy clean paint /oil paint could sometimes affect the wallpaper quality. As it does not allow the glue to dry and bond with the wall . In order to fix this , we would apply a layer of undercoat to the paint surface as part of the wall preparation.

Wallpaper cant be directly installed onto wood or smooth surface thus we will apply a layer of undercoat as well as part of the wall preparation.

We do conduct free site visit and measurement depending based on your location . However this would only be done after consultation with us by in-store or by phone .

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