DD 20/21 65389-9
DD 20/21 65389-9

DD 20/21 65389-9


Fire-Retardant Wallpaper, Non-Toxic Wallpaper, Antifungal Certification, Surpressess Mold, Environmental Product Declaration, Eco-Friendly Certification, Korea Atopy Association Recommended Product

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Feel the depth of texture and delicate expression with D&D Korean Wallpaper Collection Volume 2020/2021. It presents designs Rich in Textures for you to choose from :
Linen Texture : The fine weave texture made of linen-type fabric, which can be found usually in hotel bedding or interiors, creates a neat and modern mood.

Weaving Texture : The texture of irregularly twisted threads, and its unique patterns and ambossess, create a cozy and exclusive mood.

Tweed Texture : The motif from the texture of Scottish tweed creates a deep & high-class European mood.

Duo Tone Texture : The delicate two-tone lace fabric texture creates a warm and modern mood, that makes small spaces appear wider.

among other textures include Cobble Texture, Leather Texture, Clay Texture & Deep Clay Texture.

In addition, it is an antifungal certified product that prevents the growth of fungi using antifungal technology. It has also been tested for Fungal Resistance & Antibacterial Resistance. It is a product with excellent environmental reliability and an environmental marker that is certified by an authorized agency for HCHO and TVOCs components that cause sick house syndrome. Feel safe in using this Korean Wallpaper range.

The product has been considered safe for
use by the Korea Atopy Association. Recommendation by the Korea Atopy Association.

This Korean Wallpaper Wallpaper products are safe products certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Korean Standards Association for quality control.

This Korean Wallpaper roll is 1.06M(w) x15.5M(L) which is suitable for approximately 150SQFT wall coverage, taking into account of minor wastages..1 Roll of this wallpaper can cover a wall 15 feet in width X 10 feet in height

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